Monday, May 30, 2016

finally an update.

I have some big plans for this little DIY site.  I'm hoping to do a big overhaul to it in the coming months, as well as finally give it the project updates that have been waiting to be posted!!  Yikes, it's been a long time.  However, my biggest little project is brewing in my belly - Baby #3!
I'm in that wonderful, peaceful, feeling great second trimester - so I figure it's time to get some much needed updates up here...because the projects never stop around here (well not for too long at least).

So...hang in there and Come Back for lots of updated projects you will want to check out!
Some DIY updates include:
- Our Farmhouse Table (and two more tables built too!)
- A much needed Flower Canvas Update!
- Crib Mobile and Baby girl nursery (just in time for the room to get switched out! lol)
- My Pretty Closet Renovation
- Kids Balance Beam
- Kids Tent
- Wood Beam (on our kitchen ceiling)
- Industrial Wood Shelves
- Lego Table for a closet
- Painted Bathroom Vanities
- Updated Guest Bathroom
- How to Host a Successful Craft Night (I hosted 3 last year!)
Finally - Our Kitchen Renovation (that includes, installing subway tile backsplash, painting cabinets,      installing cabinet hardware, and hanging pendant lighting)

Future DIY projects this summer:
- Mudroom Locker/Cabinets & Storage
- A Command Center
- A Blanket Ladder
- Pallet Wood Clock
- A couple DIY wood painted art projects
- Building two Twin Cottage Beds
- Wood Shelf (how to fake a thick wood shelf)
- Painting the Front Porch

Yikes!  I better get moving!
In the meantime, we have an upcoming Garage Sale we are preparing for, two little girls ready for summer (I'm organizing our summer lists and routines), and Todd's volleyball team just one game away from making it to the State playoffs!! And oh yeah, a little baby coming shortly after summer.
It's an exciting time!

Stay tuned for a ton of updates - and hopefully some new looks on this blog.
Happy Summer!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

pottery barn inspired personalized towel hooks.

Working on some little bathroom projects around here as we redo finally do our guest bath and kids bath.
One super simple craft I decided to tackle to add a splash of color to the kids bathroom were towel hooks.  These towel hooks were made for about $3 a piece.

I picked up these wood plaques for $1 a piece.

Other supplies used:
 No, I did not need that much paint.  One bottle of each color is more than enough.  I bought the paint before I decided what design I was going to do.
The hooks are 50%off for $1.49 each.

So anytime I can include my kiddos in the craft - I do.  Quinn is painting on the white coat.
Paint two coats of white paint.

I originally planned to do a different design on each one.  Then I decided to go with a more clean Pottery Barn look but still have the pops of color.  So we did all 3 plaques in a different stripe color.
We used painters tape to achieve this look.
Tape stripes & Paint 2-3 coats of chosen color for stripes. 
    Quinn painted the pink stripes (that's why there is additional tape on the sides).

It's so fun to take the tape off!
We were then left with these beauties. (additional step: I went back and painted the very outside edge for a clean border)

Then I decided to personalize them for the girls.
I chose a simple bold font.  Using a pen, I simply traced the letters (leaving a little indent in the wood).  It doesn't take much pressure at all.

Here you can see the indent of the Q.  It's very clear and easy to paint.

Paint the letters and voila!
Super fun, easy and can't wait to hang these up on the wall. (using Command strips)

Optional: Depending on what kind of look you prefer, you may want to cover with a clear glossy coat.  I am considering doing this since it's for a bathroom.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Yikes!  I was bad this summer about updating.  There were definitely projects happening around here.  I guess I was just having too much fun this summer to stop and post. :)

Now that we are back into a Fall routine, I'm ready to get this back up and going.  In between trips to pumpkin patches and downing apple cider slushies I fully intend to Catch-Up on some fun projects happening around here! :)
I also recently started a fun Craft Night with friends and will fill you in on that too.  Including a craft fail - because hey we are all human.

Some updates coming your way:
- Farmhouse Table part two
- Baby girl nursery & DIY crib mobile
- My Closet Reno
- DIY Balance Beam
- DIY Kids Shower Hooks
- AND the biggest project of all - Our Kitchen! - which included painting cabinets, installing tile backsplash, installing new hardware, open shelving, installing new lighting.

We are currently working on a few Bathroom projects for both the guest bathroom and kids bathroom (in typical fashion our space and our bathroom waits - some day :).
As always our projects are very budget friendly - after a summer of spending we are in major save mode right now.  You can still find ways to give a room or your home a little update without breaking the bank, or even spend any $ at all.

Due to popular demand and request I also intend to post a full tutorial on the Chevron Felt Flower art that hangs in our daughter's bedroom.

To the updates!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

little tikes playhouse makeover.

This was a gift for the girls for Easter and it was done quickly in a matter of a few days prior to.
I had mentioned I was thinking about doing a makeover on a little tikes playhouse to a friend - thinking the girls would love it.  The awesome friends that I have are always looking out for me and within days she texted me that there was one for sale in the nearby area that was unique and so cute with windowboxes and a little table and kitchen area inside.  I jumped on it, did my best to negotiate a little and two days later I am loading the massive pieces into the back of the van.  Probably should have sent my husband to be the one to pick it up. :)

One playhouse and about 10 cans of spray paint later...

I was going to wait until we planted some real flowers into the windowboxes but I got impatient about getting this posted.
Here is the before and after:
 Thinking the new colors look so much nicer sitting in our backyard.  It looks way better than the brand new ones that cost hundreds of dollars, if I say so myself.

We used Krylon Fusion spray paint that is made for plastic.
We set up an area in the garage and did the spray painting over two days and about 2-3 coats depending on how it looked.
Then we used an exterior white paint we already had and painted over the spray paint for the white trim.
- 1 used playhouse
-  pressure washer (to give it a good clean)
- Krylon Fusion spray paint (available at Walmart about $3-$4 a can)
- White exterior paint (trim)
- Tape (trim)
- Paintbrush (trim)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

channeling chip and jojo - taking on a big project.

On Tuesday nights, Todd and I have a couch date with our BFF's Chip and Jojo.  Those of you newbies that just jumped on board the HGTV "Fixer Upper" bandwagon this season - they were ours first! ;)  We have been fans of the delightful and adorable Chip and Joanna Gaines for a long time.  I've followed her Magnolia Mom blog for several years and have known a tv show was in the works long before it finally made it to air.  We adore them, we want to be them, can we please work for them?
It's a regular dialogue that we say "Chip and Jojo are coming over tonight!". Our BFF's.

We are in a little bit of a Tuesday night withdrawl right now as season 2 has ended.
And yes, while they were our friends first people, we will happily share.  {I should probably disclaimer this by saying we don't actually know them, but we want too.}  If you haven't introduced Fixer Upper into your life, well you should.

Truly every single episode is amazing and you would be missing out if you didn't catch them all, but here are a couple of our fav's.
The $10,000 almost tear-down
The Tire Swing House

We have added new words to our vocabulary like "shiplap", have fallen in love with mega islands, and I'm determined to get a chunky wood beam on the ceiling somewhere in this house!

There have been a few projects in the works around here that are 95% complete, but I don't like to post about them until they are all done!  Including, closet renovations (a gorgeous custom closet for me!), a little tikes playhouse makeover and some little crafts here and there.
BUT, we are about to embark on a very big project soon - a kitchen remodel!  White cabinets, subway tile, open shelving, rustic hardware on the way!!!  So excited - but it will be a time-consuming adventure.  We are busily planning everything out right now and timing our project to align with grandparents who will be in town and available to keep our girls busy so both Todd and I can work.
We will document the journey here.

In the meantime, I gave our front door a little upgrade with a new wreath.
Spring calls for a few new and fresh things.

I used a twig wreath that I already had.  (It had a few simple flowers on it - it needed an upgrade.)
I found all of the blossoms at JoAnn's for 70% off, and the chevron burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  Some people may use floral wire, hot glue works just fine for me.

- 1 large twig wreath
- 11 large blossoms (mine is actually 6 large green blossoms and 10 small white blossoms)
- wide burlap ribbon
- hot glue gun & glue sticks
- scissors
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