Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Board and Batten in the Nursery.

The very first project we took on when we moved into the new house was to paint and do a white board and batten.  This project was all my vision, Todd had a hard time trying to picture what it would look like.  So I drew many pictures, did all of the measurements for placement and cuts of wood, and then Todd took it and did a phenomenal job creating the end look.  It was just what I wanted and pictured, and it actually surprised us that it was not as frustrating of a project as we both thought it may be. :)  There were many steps, lots of painting, but planning is everything.

For this project we used:
a small piece to create a little ledge (sorry I don't know the measurments of this we cut it down)
a soft white satin paint
liquid nails
nail gun
a saw that Todd has (I should probably know the name of that)

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