Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY Wood Subway Art

Decided to tackle our own personal subway art to add to our gallery wall in the family room.

Here are the materials used:
- one board of pine cut to 18x24 dimensions
- one print (printed at office max for $1.90)
- white paint
- black paint
- tiny paintbrushes
- pen
- tape
- sandpaper

This was fun to create and super inexpensive.  I see them all the time going for like $100 on etsy.  I am missing out on that huge profit I guess, I need to get on it. :)

Anyway, it cost less than $6 to make.  Most of the few items needed we already had.

I created my own subway art print using
Had Office Max print it out for me to the size I wanted.
In the meantime, painted the pine board with two thick coats of white paint.
Followed by two thin coats of a cottage black paint.
Roughed up the board just a little bit with sandpaper.
Taped the print to the board.
Then used a pen to trace each letter (which creates an indentation into the wood, and you don't have too push too hard or go over it several times either, which is nice).

I like to do the board in sections.
Trace some, cut that portion, then paint.  Breaks it up a little bit.
So each letter is hand-painted following the light indentation as a guideline.
Once done and dry, roughed up the white lettering with sandpaper so it wasn't quite so bold.
and VOILA!
We LOVE it!
We are big fans of having things hanging in our home that are meaningful to us.
I decided to make this all of memories from our Lisa & Todd days from dating up till the wedding.
It's so fun to remember those moments.
This is hanging on the wall with command picture hanging strips, so that it lays nice and flat.
The Gallery Wall is almost complete, will reveal that soon!

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