Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Sometimes many small projects are rolled up into one big event.  When Quinn turned two we knew we needed to share her love of Mickey Mouse and we did so with a fun birthday brunch pajama party.

Quinn's Clubhouse menu included:
* Mickey Mouse Pancakes * Clarabelle's Cinnamon Moo-Muffins & Donut Holes * Minnie's Famous Banana Bread * Boo-Boo Chicken's Egg Casseroles * Fresh Fruit from Daisy's Garden * Pluto's Doggy Biscuits & Gravy * Donald's "Oh Boy, Oh Boy!" Breakfast Potatoes * Clarabelle's Secret Recipe Sugar Cookies
and Goofy served up milk, coffee, tea, water and orange juice for beverages.

 Secrets to throwing a super cute themed party without spending a lot of money - choose just a few simple things that will stand out, take advantage of the dollar store when it makes sense, use Hobby Lobby coupons like crazy, create printables (they are a super quick cheap way to add more detail), and make as much as you can yourself. :)
The Mickey Centerpieces only cost $3.50 each to make.  The two Mickey wreaths cost $4 to make. And the long Mickey felt banner only cost $5 to make.  Water bottle favors are from the dollar store, and chalkboard labels were super cheap with a hobby lobby coupon.  Tablecloths, plates, napkins were also purchased at Hobby Lobby. We had balloons (also Hobby Lobby) but decided to skip the expensive helium cost and blow them up ourselves but hang them instead of string them.  Todd made an outdoor Quinn's Clubhouse sign at no cost.  A roll of black and white polka dot wrapping paper was used for the runner to spice up the red tableclothes.Two large pictures were printed at Walmart for a game and decoration (using a Valentine's Day special on posters).  Using the color red helped too as I was able to snatch cute straws and muffin liners from after Holiday sales.

Why a breakfast party?
1.  Because it was different.
2.  Because I LOVE breakfast and relaxing with friends with coffee in hand.
3.  Because who doesn't love an excuse to be in cozy jammies.
4.  Because it didn't interfere with naps for all the little ones or everyone's entire day.
5.  Because everyone loves breakfast, it is very cost-effective and we can still create a filling meal    
               for everyone with options.

The Birthday Girl Mouse :)
The Favors - Dollar Store Water Bottles with Chalkboard labels. :)

And the mouseketeers!
The ears are made with black headbands, felt, foam and hot glue.
We know how to make a small budget go a long way around here.  This party is a perfect example of that. :)  Everything was handmade.  And the key is to pick a few things that really standout to the guest's attention. 
To see more on the details and crafts from the Mickey Mouse party CLICK HERE.


  1. Quick Question for you...what did your invitation look like? I want to throw a Mickey/Minnie Birthday party for my twins this Feb and love your idea of PJ's!

    1. Thanks for asking! I actually ordered a cheap custom made invite for our party on Etsy. It was totally worth it and came with free personalized thank you's. We bought the file and printed them ourselves. I can't find them on Etsy anymore, but they were similar to this one
      except they said "OH TWODLES" and had a big 2 on them also.

      Have fun!
      The pajama's were awesome, we were so glad we did breakfast and something a little different.
      I would do it again for sure!


  2. Thanks for the response...I also just set you an email:) Did you just at the bottom of the invitations ask everyone to wear Pjs?

  3. where do u get the chalk labels?

    1. Chalkboard labels are from Hobby Lobby - using 40% off.


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