Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Painted Mason Jars

When spring arrived I was feeling the need to have flowers present.  I added some white and gold hydrangeas to our kitchen immediately with a 60% off sale.  And then I knew our fireplace mantel needed a little touch of spring.  I already had two large mason jars, I purchased one more for $1.  I already had lots of paint, but I did purchase one small tube of green for $1.  It took exactly one small craft size tube of acrylic paint to fill the inside of a large mason jar.
I planned to used white flowers and colored jars, but in effort to save a little money I pulled these blue flowers out of the basement that were saved from our wedding (a little more sentimental and meaningful for us too).  And for a total of $2 we have a colorful mantel. :)

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