Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Plank Wood signs

When we moved into the house we had a pretty tight budget to what could and needed to be done.  I am always on the lookout for crafts and home decor I can make out of what we already have.  Therefore the cost being FREE, my favorite thing. :)  These two wood signs I made for our kitchen breakfast nook were just that. 

I had Todd cut two rough boards out for me.  I didn't want them to have be perfectly level lines, I wanted a little more of an authentic look.
I then sanded them down initially.
Painted two white coats.
Painted two light coats of a light grey we already had leftover.
Then I sanded it down a lot to rough it up as much as I could get a lot of the white to show through.
Once that was done.  I found a font on the computer I liked, and printed it out.
I used theses and traced the letters very firmly with a pen.  This leaves an outline in it's place when you remove the paper.  Working in a spot with great natural light the outline stands out really well, and using leftover black paint and a tiny paint brush I painted each letter and number individually (twice).  After that was said and done, I gave it one more good sanding so the letters weren't so bold.
Todd added a bracket to the back for me for hanging, and Voila! we had two new pieces to hang in our new kitchen, that were free and unique.  On our way slowly to the cottage kitchen of my dreams.

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  1. These are such darling signs! I love the one with your family name, so cute! I love the "est. 2009" on it, that is so cute. Something like this would look so cute in my home. And it's awesome that I can do it myself!


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