Sunday, May 26, 2013

a gallery wall gift.

This past weekend my sister and I hosted a bridal shower for our little brother and his fiancé, Kristen.  Always our little brother, but not so little anymore, he will be 30 this year!  Which just makes my sister and I all the more older.
Anyway, I wanted to make something special and personal for them to decorate the home they will be living in together and created this gallery wall.  The several times that they have visited, Kristen had always commented on the personal touches of our home, so I thought it would be a good idea.
Hobby Lobby is always good to me, and I purchased the Love sign, letter D, the 5x7 black and white chevron frame, and the 8x10 shaped black frame.  (Love a shaped frame, and something that adds a character and interest to the display but doesn't take away from the photographs.
I made the large 18x24 subway art with words personal to them (similar to the one in the post below that I had made for Todd & I  (I made Drew & Kristen's first, and like it so much that I made ours.)
I created the 3 framed states project, by tracing outlines of Illinois (Drew's hometown and birthplace, Missouri (Kristen's birthplace) and Tennessee in the middle with a heart over Knoxville for their meeting place (and where they married - so no matter where they live or move to one day it will still always be important to them). 

And finally, I did one more wood piece with dates that are of significance to them.
It is done similarly to the subway art boards, but I did rough this up quite a bit more (with sandpaper - to take away any brightness in the red).

All of my supplies:

Tracing over the numbers with a pen.

Painting with a tiny brush and white paint.
I like to do it in sections to break it up.  Trace a bit, cut that portion off, paint a bit.

Overall, I was really happy with how it all turned out.  I hope they like it too!

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