Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little bookshelf makeover.

For this project, I took an old laminate bookshelf that I have had for years.  I'm not even sure how long, but like traveled to probably many different apartments during college and after.
It wasn't the prettiest so over time it kind of got pushed into the garage or basement.
It was time to pull it out and make it pretty!  (transforming it for Quinn's big girl room)

Supplies Needed:
- old cheap bookshelf collecting dust
- primer (I use Zinsser)
- white paint (I used leftover white paint from a board and batten project in the nursery -
                      Behr - snow white)
- 1 yard of chevron fabric (this is the same fabric from the canvas flower project)
- brush
- roller
- Aileen's clear tacky spray glue
- hot glue gun and sticks
- hammer

1.  We took off the back of the bookshelf.
2.  I painted two coats of primer on the bookshelf and one coat the backing with a brush.
3.  I painted two coats of the white paint with a roller and brush.
4.  After carefully checking to make sure all the paint was covered thoroughly, it was time to attach the fabric to the backing using a light coat of the Aileen's clear tacky glue spray.  This just helps to hold the fabric while attaching it and smooth it all out.
5.  Attach the backing back to the bookshelf.
6.  Use hot glue gun to glue back any of the extra fabric pieces to the backside of the backing (in other words the fabric wrapped around the backing and there is probably about 2 inches extra around the whole thing that I just hot glued to the board.  It's hiding behind the bookshelf :))
A totally new bookshelf!

Total cost:  $6 
(for fabric and the tiniest bit of primer that was used from the can - it goes far)

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