Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a tufted headboard.

The master bedroom recently got a new little upgrade.
One of the larger DIY projects I've tackled... a large tufted headboard.

I was so excited about this project.
Ever since we had visited a Chicago hotel and their was a huge one on the wall I was sold.
I knew a tufted headboard was on my wishlist.
The only problem, they sell anywhere from $500-$1,000 dollars.  yikes!
I started searching tutorials and pinning.
I found this tutorial here, and followed most of the steps with just a few of my own adjustments.

Ours fits our King size bed and I wanted it to be big.
Here are the details...

Supplies Needed:
- one large sheet of pegboard (ours is cut 79inchesX40inches)  Pegboard is awesome, more on this later.
- 3 inch foam (I wanted it to be really cushy) I think I used about 3 yards  tip: foam is expensive!!  buy it only when it is 50% off from JoAnn's and combine a coupon if you can during their special days.
- 3 yards of a heavy fabric or home décor fabric  I saved here finding this fabric on clearance and then an additional 75% off of the clearance price.
- Buttons - I used 34 buttons total size 1 1/4inch.  Buy only one button kit to use to cover the buttons with your fabric.
- Aileen's spray clear tacky glue
- a knife (I don't remember what kind of used of Todd's, some type of utility knife)
- a bread knife (this was the easiest way to cut the foam)
- one spool heavy thread to match the fabric
- a staple gun
- scissors
- a hot glue gun
- 2 heavy duty picture hangers (similar to these.) ours were $4 at menards, we were SO glad we purchased these, made hanging super easy and they have built in levels.  Also we can take the headboard down at any time easily if we needed to.

1.  Had pegboard cut to size at Home Depot.  Pegboard is fantastic for this because you will NOT have to drill any holes, saves a ton of time!  And it has holes every inch so it is perfect for not having to constantly measure when placing your tufts (buttons).
2. Cut foam and lay it on top of the pegboard (lying on the floor).
3. Determine how many tufts you want and rows. (I went with 34 tufts and 4 rows).
4. Cut out small circles in the foam where you will place the buttons you chose to place.  There are great pictures of these steps at this site.
5. Spray a layer of clear tacky glue and adhere foam to the board.
6. Find another set of hands for the next couple steps. :)  Cue my mom and brother who were lucky to be in town that weekend.
7. Lay Fabric over foam and board and start to thread and pull your buttons through, using the staple gun to attach thread on the backside (we did three for each tuft, then a dab of hot glue at the very end).  This process was the longest and most tiresome of all the steps, definitely not a one-person job, it takes a lot of pushing and pulling to get the tufts to look tufted.
8. 34 buttons later, play with the fabric and it will sort of naturally fall in place.  Then staple the extra fabric around the sides to the back of the board creating nice creases where you can.
Phew! I'm tired just thinking about those last two steps again! :)

Total Cost:  Approx. $130  (foam is expensive!, but still this was way more affordable than purchasing a tufted headboard)

Here is a look at the board with the covers and pillows all pulled back so you can see how it rests.
You can also see in the bottom corner that we left six inches of pegboard at the bottom so that it could slide down behind the bed (and only covered the top 34 inches with foam).

a closer look...

We love our soft and cushy headboard.
It's cozy and makes our room feel a little more luxurious.  The room feels a little bigger too.

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