Sunday, August 4, 2013

Foyer/Entryway Remodel

A year into our new home and we were super excited to tackle the entryway.
We wanted something warm, cheery and welcoming.
It is definitely all of those things.
In an effort to make our home feel happy and colorful, yet cozy, our new entryway just adds right to it, but gives you a feel of us as soon as you walk in the door now.

We decided to do a white board and batten in this space.
We love the clean look of it (I am a sucker for white trim and all things cottage-like.)

Here is the quick scoop on the board and batten:
In this space it was more about how it looked than exact measurements (because the bulk of this space is different doorways or stairways).
So in certain spaces the vertical planks are spaced 13 inches apart, and on smaller wall spaces it was placed just where it looked good to us. :)
We did two horizontal rows (as opposed to in Quinn's room where we did on horizontal row and little ledge on the top).
Caulking was key, it is the most crucial step to making it look polished and complete.
Finally, I put on two coats of a white satin paint (Bistro White - Valspar).
For $50 this board and batten gives our entryway a much different look.  It's a finish that always looks more expensive than it is.

All of the new décor (welcome sign, candle holder and three shutter décor) are all from Hobby Lobby at different times on sale for 50% off of course).  The three black hooks in the top picture below the mirror were also from Hobby Lobby for a dollar a piece.

The mosaic mirror we already had (from Pier 1).

The light grey rug (that's a little light grey/light blue) is from

And the new light fixture is from Home Depot.

Alright, so let's talk paint.
Usually paint colors come super easy to me, this one was hard.
I think mostly because it is a massive space that looks different throughout the house (it's the entryway, up the stairs and in the entire hallway and open space upstairs).
I went back and forth between a light grey and a yellow.
Light grey was definitely the safe choice, but the paint color risk takers we are - we went with yellow.

Partially because I didn't want too much grey in the house.
I still go back and forth about it a little bit, but I LOVE the yellow in the entryway.
The rest is still to be determined, we still have to paint the yellow up the stairs and the 2nd floor space.  Will let you know... :)

After 4 trips to the store, and 6 samples later we finally went with
Sherwin Williams -Friendly Yellow (but in Valspar eggshell paint). 
It is definitely cheery and light, with just enough gold undertones to match some of our mustards and gold touches throughout the house.

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