Thursday, August 15, 2013

kitchen chalkboard menu.

This one was for a friend.
The friend that calls up and says "I saw this thing on Pinterest, but can you make it for me?". :)
It is a chalkboard menu for the kitchen with the days of the week.

She sent me the pin, and chose the terra cotta orange color to go with other d├ęcor in her kitchen.

- One 11x14 frame  (I purchased a 10X13 first, but I couldn't get seven beadboard lines to fit).
- Zinsser primer
- One tube of craft Terra Cotta paint
- One can of chalkboard paint (won't use all of it)
- Beadboard (cut to 11x14 size)
- Circular or Table saw
- Paintbrushes
- Computer (to select and print font)

1. Prime the picture frame with 2 coats of primer.
2. Paint the picture frame with 3-4 thin coats of paint.
3. In the meantime, paint the beadboard with chalkboard paint, several thin coats.
4. When the chalkboard paint is dry, rub chalk over the entire thing to cure it, then wipe away.
5. All of the words are hand-painted.  The pin used vinyl lettering but I worried in her kitchen that if it got warm the lettering would peel over time, so I decided to hand paint them.  I chose the font "unkempt" and sized the words to fit perfectly within the beadboard lines.
6. I placed and taped the words where I wanted them to go, then traced the letters with a pen.  This creates a slight indent into the beadboard.
7. Using the indent as a guide, paint each letter by hand using a tiny paintbrush.
8.  Once dry, it is ready for everyday use and lots of meal planning. :)

I am always up for a new little project.
Thanks Kim for letting me make this one!


  1. Do you take orders for these? I have a friend who would love this!

  2. Sorry this is so late in response! We just had a baby girl in June.
    I do not take orders or sell these, sorry.


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