Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kid Craft - fall cinnamon play dough.

I am obsessed with Fall, so this season is filled with more seasonal related crafts than just about any other, well and Christmas.

This morning we decided to whip up some delicious smelling homemade cinnamon play dough.
And I make sure there is plenty of cinnamon in there so the smell sticks around for a while. :)

Here is our super simple and quick recipe:

The ingredients:

After the ingredients are mixed and put in the saucepan to begin, it looks like this:

After stirring in a tiny bit of food coloring (I used an orange terracotta color) and letting it heat up for a few minutes while stirring continuously, it will then look like this:

Set it out to cool on a piece of wax or parchment paper.  (I like to play with it warm, but not so much for little toddler fingers.)  It smells sooooo good.

After a few minutes of cooling, it is already ready for play.
and for smelling. :)  (or licking, which is what I think she is doing here)

Quinn chose to bake little cinnamon cookies today with her play dough.



  1. Quinn looks adorable with her baker's hat on! What a cute craft and I bet your house smells delicious. Two of my favorite things too. . .Fall & Cinnamon.

  2. I have actually seen something similiar to this but it was for christmas hand ornament. Im wondering how you could tweek this recipe to make it hard and solid (without cracking) after you get the shape youre wanting. Any suggestions?

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    I haven't experimented with baking them before, but if I were to "try" I would probably eliminate or reduce the oil in the recipe (that helps for keeping the play dough moist when you want to play with it repeatedly). Then I would bake the shapes you are wanting at a lower temperature (about 250 degrees). If I give it a try, I will repost it! :) Fortunately, this craft is very budget friendly so a little trial and error is okay.
    ~ Lisa


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