Sunday, September 8, 2013

wood plank headboard.

I love a pretty headboard.
This weekend, we completed our 2nd headboard project.
You can see our first here.

This one would be for our guest bedroom.
I knew I wanted more of a rustic wood plank headboard for this room.

This headboard is for a King Size bed.

Here is the scoop on supplies we used:
- Cedar Planks (We literally found these on someone's curb one night when we were out for a walk, Todd went back quickly to pick them up.  They were 12 &1/2 foot cedar planks in great shape. score!)
- A Kreg jig & screws  (screwed the planks together instead of attaching anything to the back to allow it to be as flush to the wall as possible)
- 1 small can of Dark Walnut Minwax (2 coats)
- 1 small can of Polyurethane (we used matte finish - leftover from our Farmhouse Table. (1 coat)
- 1 heavy duty picture hanging device similar to these. (we find ours at Menards for a cheaper price)

Below is the headboard after the Dark Walnut stain was applied.
I wanted a dark stain because the rest of our wood furniture in the guest bedroom is all darker.

Simple Steps:
1. Cut the planks to 6 1/4 foot in length (they are 8 inches wide).
2. Attach the planks together on the backside with Kreg jig that attaches screws on an angle.
3. Stain (Dark Walnut Minwax stain)- 2 coats
4. Polyurethane - 1 coat
5. Attach picture hanging device
6. Hang on the wall - done!

Below you can see the color of the cedar planks without the stain on it.
This is the backside of the headboard as we were getting ready to apply the hanging device.
The whole family is involved in projects around here. :)

Only one clip needed.  The great thing about using these clips as opposed to attaching directly to the wall is that you leave little damage to the wall, it attaches with a level, can be moved on and off very easily, and you can rearrange the room if you want to.

When I say the whole family, I mean it.
I like to get a picture of our headboards with the sheets and pillows pulled back so you can get an idea of how high/low it is hung on the wall.
If there is a bed being made or unmade around this house, this cat is there in a flash.
It is her absolute favorite game. :)

Flush to the wall.
We chose to stagger the planks a little, to give it a slightly more authentic "rustic plank" look.

Our new headboard for our guests.

The best part...

Total Cost:  $10
   (we only had to pay for the Minwax stain and picture hanger - the wood was free, and we had leftover supplies from our farmhouse table.)

To see the Tufted Headboard in our master bedroom click here.


  1. Hi! Just read your headboard tutorial...have been looking for the easiest way to assemble one, without attaching to the bed frame if at all possible. But I was concerned about how to attach it to the wall with little to no damage...can you let me know exactly what heavy duty picture hanging device you used? Thank you so much! ~Renee

  2. We used Hangman Hooks, just like this one About 7 dollars, holds a lot of weight, easy to use with level.


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