Thursday, October 17, 2013

another kitchen chalkboard menu.

It's time for another Menu chalkboard for the kitchen.
Except this time I made one for us.
You can see the other one here.

So this time, I used a piece I had found at Goodwill for just under $2.
It was white, with a small piece of beadboard at the top and had a mirror inside.
When I found it (about 2 years ago) I knew I could do something with it I just didn't know which idea I would choose.
Well, we took out the mirror and used the backing piece that was left to paint with chalkboard paint.
I also used the same color paint we had left from Quinn's play kitchen - Valspar Feeling Blue, to paint over the white.

...and within just enough time to let a few coats of paint dry, we had ourselves a new dinner menu that I am loving.  I think Todd likes it too, so he knows what is for dinner each night. :)  It may seem silly but I think it helps plan and prep for dinners more easily, and I stick to it (as opposed to waiting till 4:00 to try to think about what to make for dinner).  Less stressful for sure.

Our little dining nook in the kitchen is coming together, and I look forward to updating on that soon.  Just a few more items to finish.
- a project (that's already in the works) for that open space
- two wood chairs to finish off our farmhouse table
- possibly burlap curtains?

I will post tomorrow about a new table centerpiece we made quickly the other night.

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