Tuesday, October 1, 2013

diy wood signs for the kitchen.

We are gradually transforming and adding some character to our dining nook in the kitchen.  It started with the farmhouse table we built, a few chairs have been added, and then it was time to add some more décor.

And for two days my kitchen counter looked a little like this.
Seven different projects are up there.
When it's time to paint, it's so much quicker to do many at once.

I'll share two of these projects today.
First I wanted to add to the "sugar" sign we already had in the kitchen.
It took me a little bit to choose what food words I wanted and finally decided on cocoa and fresh berries.  There were words I liked, but maybe I or we didn't particularly like those foods so that made no sense for us, then there were words and foods we liked that maybe we're quite so pretty written out, so at the end cocoa and fresh berries made the cut.

I should say that these wood signs completed today were completely free of cost to us.
(unless you count the grey scale ink from our printer).

- 3/4 inch thick plywood (cut to size you want - ours are 25inx7in for the food boards and the large farmers market sign is 4 feet long by 12in)
- sandpaper (both rough and fine)
- paint (two colors - we used a light grey and a white leftover from house painting)
- paper and printer ink
- pen
- small paintbrushes

1. Cut plywood to desired size.
2. Use sandpaper to help with any very rough spots (I like the wood to look authentic so I am very light with this).
3.  Paint two coats of the under color (white for us).
4. Paint one coat of the outer color (light grey for food signs, black for farmers market sign)
5. Once dry rough up with sandpaper to you achieve desired look (the food signs are more lightly roughed up, the farmers market sign was roughed up a lot).
6. Choose a font and print desired size for your signs.
7. Tape paper to wood planks and trace the outlines of each letter with a pen.
8. Using natural light to see the indents, paint following the outlines you just pressed into the planks.
9. I only paint one coat, because again I like to rough it up later.
10. Once paint is dry, use fine sandpaper to rough up painted words.
(Below shows you the difference - the cocoa plank words have been roughed up to give a worn look, the fresh berries plank words are still bold).

The completed look.
(My husband attached one hanger on the back of each to hang on the wall.)

The completed look of our 4 foot Farmers Market sign.
I had seen a Farmers Market sign at Hobby Lobby I had my eye on.
I decided to make my own free of cost using leftover supplies we already had at home.
Total Cost:  Free (due to use of leftover supplies from previous projects)


  1. Great job done by you.I really like your wood signs.

  2. what font did you use for the farmers market sign?


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