Thursday, October 10, 2013

simple burlap monogrammed sign.

This is a super simple craft that adds a little something personal to your wall décor.


1. 3/4 inch thick plywood (I used a 12x12 piece)
2. burlap (I think I bought 1/2 a yard knowing I would use the extra for more projects)
3. decorative tacks, brads, or buttons
4. paint and paint brushes (I used white, grey and black paint I had already)
5. scissors
6. hot glue gun
7. computer/printer
8. sponge or sponge brush
9. hanger to attach to back (hang on the wall)

1. Cut 12x12 piece of wood
2. Sand and clean off wood
3. Paint two coats of grey paint, then one coat of white paint on top
4. Sand edges and board as much as desired
5. Cut burlap piece
6. On the computer, choose desired font, print out letter
7. Cut out letter to make your own stencil, cutting out from the middle of the page
8. Lay stencil and lightly sponge paint the inside of the stencil, let dry.
9. Use hot glue to attach the corners of the burlap to the board
10. Use hot glue to attach the decorative brads

Usually craft and project time is during the nap/sleeping times of the day, but occasionally if it's something simple I squeeze it in when I can.
Meaning, sometimes I get visitors...

As soon as this was done, we moved on to crafts for her.
And we will post about that project next.

Also, my W sign was added to our kitchen dining nook project, and I will update you on that very soon too!

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