Friday, October 18, 2013

simple pallet wood centerpiece.

If you are looking for a simple rustic table centerpiece, this may be for you.
It is super easy, very cheap, and perfect for a long table.

The Materials:
- pallet wood (we find ours for free from area lumber stores)
- saw
- hammer
- nails
- burlap
- flowers
- any other décor (optional)
The Steps:
- Pull apart slats from pallet of wood
- Determine desired size (I chose a 2 foot long centerpiece) and cut 3 slats to that size.
- Trace and cut two small pieces for the ends.
- Attach the boards (with the bottom on top) using small nails (helps to have one person hold and one person hammer.
- Once the 4 pieces are attached the centerpiece is complete, be careful to check the bottom for anything sharp or prodding nails to ensure you do not scratch your table.
- Decorate as desired (I used some artificial white hydrangeas, burlap, and added some Fall pieces).
- You may also choose to stain your wood centerpiece, I chose to go with a more rustic and natural look.

Here it is more plain jane (without the seasonal décor).

We originally had this pretty mustard yellow pitcher serving as a centerpiece.
Since it was taller, it blocked your view of guests/family across the table.
And now that we had a rectangular table (versus our old square table) it didn't quite work like it previously had.

so simple.
so pretty.
(and a peek at a couple of our new chairs)

Total Time:  30 minutes

Total Cost:  Free (using all materials we had here at the house already) 
                 However, if you choose to purchase all of these items, other than the pallet wood that you
                 can usually find for free, it would cost approximately $12.

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