Thursday, January 15, 2015

the market.

Time to update some projects!
Biggest of the year is our new bundle of joy - Andie Ainsley. :)

I have to start updating somewhere, so we will start with the most recent.

For Christmas we decided to do a play area for our girls, focused on a little market/cafe.  We love it so much!  And it is played with daily.  This space in our bonus room is not complete, but this simple project definitely makes this family space one we go to on a more regular basis.

We used two of the IKEA Kallax Shelving Units in the birch effect color.
My husband drilled two holes in the top of one of the units to place the two PVC pipes we used to create an awning.  The awning included custom cut PVC pipes (6 of them) from my husband, they are held to the ceiling with two brackets the pipes rest in.  Two yards of fabric, some hot glue and a little bit of sewing by Grandma helped to finish off our pretty awning.
We also have to thank all of the grandparents, there are many different gifts for the girls all tucked into this little Market.

 Bakery Items are displayed in the front, grocery items on the side.
A grocery cart, and 2 different baskets are available for the customers.
Paper menus and server tickets are also used for the cafe.
And Open/Closed sign is a small piece that is so much fun!
A Menu with the specials are displayed.
The cash register also came with bar codes (that are have been placed on all of the individual grocery items.)  I love to use that thing!
Quinn's kitchen in the back was a project we made when she was two, and we moved it upstairs to be used in the cafe.  She LOVES to play restaurant and take orders.

Foods are organized by groups: fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, cans, pantry items.

We loves this place!
Final little touches that added decor were the MARKET letters we grabbed on sale and we painted them different colors and the pennant banner strung across the ceiling.  Other elements are slowly getting pulled out of my old elementary classroom storage bins and getting put to use!

Across from the Market is a little place to take your little baked good and cup of tea to settle in with a book. :)

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