Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the waterfall of hearts.

About a year ago we revealed our little girls new big girl room.  Room Reveal Here.
And she loves it!
The Waterfall of Hearts behind her bed has received a lot of attention.  So I thought I would break down the details on that a little more and revisit it - especially as Valentine's Day is approaching, it just felt like appropriate timing.

The Waterfall of Hearts :)  It's dreamy.

The inspiration for this came from the circular mobiles I had seen in baby rooms.  I decided to create a wall version (I had seen itty bitty wall ones before too).  I envisioned it hanging from a branch and I snatched this one at Hobby Lobby for super cheap.  To scale this, this one is hanging above a double size bed.

The materials breakdown is as follows:
- about 10-12 sheets of a variety of scrapbook paper (I used 9 different varieties of colors & patterns)
- one cardstock tracer heart that I drew up myself, heart was approximately 2" wide
- pen for quick tracing (trace on the back of the scrapbook paper)
- good pair of scissors
- one branch
- clear fishing line (made 14 strings - each string is tied around the branch and with a dab of hot glue)
- lay it all out on large counter space (sort patterns as you wish)
- hot glue & hot glue gun (place a dab on the back of each heart and attach to fishing line)
- 8 small white nails (to hang branch to the wall)

The entire thing took one evening of sitting in front of the t.v. to make it.
Tracing the hearts is very quick.
Cutting out the hearts is a little time consuming (I had a little over 160 hearts!) - but cutting out hearts is very easy because it doesn't have a lot of bumps to it.  I enjoy cutting things out like this, it's relaxing and doesn't require a ton of focus so you can easily watch a show at the same time! :)

We hung it up the next morning and voila - it is Quinn's beautiful waterfall of hearts!

Since it has been hanging for a year, it has held up great.
One thing I may have done differently, add a heart to the back so that if they flip around you don't see the little hot glue dab - however they really don't flip much.
Also, if the window is open and a breeze is blowing they do blow around a bit! But it doesn't seem to have hurt it in anyway.

Would totally make one of these again, we love it!

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