Thursday, April 30, 2015

little tikes playhouse makeover.

This was a gift for the girls for Easter and it was done quickly in a matter of a few days prior to.
I had mentioned I was thinking about doing a makeover on a little tikes playhouse to a friend - thinking the girls would love it.  The awesome friends that I have are always looking out for me and within days she texted me that there was one for sale in the nearby area that was unique and so cute with windowboxes and a little table and kitchen area inside.  I jumped on it, did my best to negotiate a little and two days later I am loading the massive pieces into the back of the van.  Probably should have sent my husband to be the one to pick it up. :)

One playhouse and about 10 cans of spray paint later...

I was going to wait until we planted some real flowers into the windowboxes but I got impatient about getting this posted.
Here is the before and after:
 Thinking the new colors look so much nicer sitting in our backyard.  It looks way better than the brand new ones that cost hundreds of dollars, if I say so myself.

We used Krylon Fusion spray paint that is made for plastic.
We set up an area in the garage and did the spray painting over two days and about 2-3 coats depending on how it looked.
Then we used an exterior white paint we already had and painted over the spray paint for the white trim.
- 1 used playhouse
-  pressure washer (to give it a good clean)
- Krylon Fusion spray paint (available at Walmart about $3-$4 a can)
- White exterior paint (trim)
- Tape (trim)
- Paintbrush (trim)


  1. Amazing transformation! A perfect match for your house.

  2. I love the look! i have the same exact playhouse as that... What colors did you use and how many cans of each?

    1. Thanks!
      I unfortunately do not remember the exact colors, but I believe at Walmart there was only one choice of black red and grey there for the Krylon Fusion for plastic paint. We used about 2 cans red, 4 cans black, 5 cans grey. We used a regular exterior white paint we already had to paint the white trim over the grey spray paint.


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