Saturday, September 26, 2015

pottery barn inspired personalized towel hooks.

Working on some little bathroom projects around here as we redo finally do our guest bath and kids bath.
One super simple craft I decided to tackle to add a splash of color to the kids bathroom were towel hooks.  These towel hooks were made for about $3 a piece.

I picked up these wood plaques for $1 a piece.

Other supplies used:
 No, I did not need that much paint.  One bottle of each color is more than enough.  I bought the paint before I decided what design I was going to do.
The hooks are 50%off for $1.49 each.

So anytime I can include my kiddos in the craft - I do.  Quinn is painting on the white coat.
Paint two coats of white paint.

I originally planned to do a different design on each one.  Then I decided to go with a more clean Pottery Barn look but still have the pops of color.  So we did all 3 plaques in a different stripe color.
We used painters tape to achieve this look.
Tape stripes & Paint 2-3 coats of chosen color for stripes. 
    Quinn painted the pink stripes (that's why there is additional tape on the sides).

It's so fun to take the tape off!
We were then left with these beauties. (additional step: I went back and painted the very outside edge for a clean border)

Then I decided to personalize them for the girls.
I chose a simple bold font.  Using a pen, I simply traced the letters (leaving a little indent in the wood).  It doesn't take much pressure at all.

Here you can see the indent of the Q.  It's very clear and easy to paint.

Paint the letters and voila!
Super fun, easy and can't wait to hang these up on the wall. (using Command strips)

Optional: Depending on what kind of look you prefer, you may want to cover with a clear glossy coat.  I am considering doing this since it's for a bathroom.

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