Monday, May 30, 2016

finally an update.

I have some big plans for this little DIY site.  I'm hoping to do a big overhaul to it in the coming months, as well as finally give it the project updates that have been waiting to be posted!!  Yikes, it's been a long time.  However, my biggest little project is brewing in my belly - Baby #3!
I'm in that wonderful, peaceful, feeling great second trimester - so I figure it's time to get some much needed updates up here...because the projects never stop around here (well not for too long at least).

So...hang in there and Come Back for lots of updated projects you will want to check out!
Some DIY updates include:
- Our Farmhouse Table (and two more tables built too!)
- A much needed Flower Canvas Update!
- Crib Mobile and Baby girl nursery (just in time for the room to get switched out! lol)
- My Pretty Closet Renovation
- Kids Balance Beam
- Kids Tent
- Wood Beam (on our kitchen ceiling)
- Industrial Wood Shelves
- Lego Table for a closet
- Painted Bathroom Vanities
- Updated Guest Bathroom
- How to Host a Successful Craft Night (I hosted 3 last year!)
Finally - Our Kitchen Renovation (that includes, installing subway tile backsplash, painting cabinets,      installing cabinet hardware, and hanging pendant lighting)

Future DIY projects this summer:
- Mudroom Locker/Cabinets & Storage
- A Command Center
- A Blanket Ladder
- Pallet Wood Clock
- A couple DIY wood painted art projects
- Building two Twin Cottage Beds
- Wood Shelf (how to fake a thick wood shelf)
- Painting the Front Porch

Yikes!  I better get moving!
In the meantime, we have an upcoming Garage Sale we are preparing for, two little girls ready for summer (I'm organizing our summer lists and routines), and Todd's volleyball team just one game away from making it to the State playoffs!! And oh yeah, a little baby coming shortly after summer.
It's an exciting time!

Stay tuned for a ton of updates - and hopefully some new looks on this blog.
Happy Summer!!

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