Wednesday, April 9, 2014

room reveal ~ girl's bedroom on a budget.

update: I have added a little more detail on the Waterfall of Hearts decor - Click HERE.

This room has been in the works for a very long time. 
We had plenty of time before we needed to move our little one into her "big girl" room, so we took our time.  That helps a lot in decorating a room on a smaller budget for sure. :)

Welcome to one of my favorite rooms in the house, with gorgeous natural light and a beautiful big maple tree just outside the window.:)

Come on in for a little tour!

The Paint:
One wall soft pink, the other 3 walls a pretty grey.  It took 2 different colors to finally get the grey I was looking for - Urban Sunrise by Valspar it was!

The door to the left is her big walk-in closet.  It's all nice and organized, but not all decorated and pretty.  Maybe one day.

1.  Ribbon bunting banner - made by mommy (chose 5 pieces of colorful fabric, cut strips, tied on 
                25cents worth of soft cotton rope)  - Total Cost: $10 - love how this adds color, texture and
                dimension to the room!
2.  "happy girls are the prettiest" Audrey Hepburn Quote sign - made by mommy (scrap wood
                from the garage and leftover black paint) - Total Cost: Free
3.  Mustard Yellow Mirror - a steal from the clearance section of Hobby Lobby, loved the color the
                 mirror and the hook.  This will eventually be a place for her to hang her outfit for the next
                 day out at.  Can't you picture her with her little face in the mirror and the outfit hanging
                 below? - Total Cost: $5
4.  Pink with White polka dot baskets - on sale at Hobby Lobby - Total Cost $4 each
5.  Hair Accessory Organizers - made by mommy (extra frame painted white, extra ribbon hot glued
                 in lines to hold clips and the headband holder is an oatmeal can recycled and covered with
                 leftover fabric from the bunting banner) - Total Cost: Free
6.  Chevron Bookshelf - We talked about this bookshelf remodel HERE. - Total Cost: $6

Now, rooms on a budget definitely involve a lot of DIY projects and crafts.
They also involve a very crafty and talented Grandma.  We are so lucky that Grandma put so many of her own touches into this beautiful room.  Read on to see where.
1.  Chevron curtains made by Grandma D.
2.  Gorgeous quilt made by Grandma D.
3.  Chevron bed skirt made by Grandma D.
(I told you, we are so lucky to have such a talented and loving Grandma.  Not only because they are such heartfelt pieces now in her room, but also because they were gifted to our sweet girl.)
4.  IKEA chandelier - the only real splurge in the room - Total Cost: $34
5.  Waterfall of Hearts Art - made by mommy (more details coming up)
6.  Beadboard headboard - made by daddy (this is not the most fancy headboard in the world but it is
             cute, sweet and very budget friendly.  We used leftover beadboard from a bathroom project 
             and spent $3 on the trim)  Total Cost: $3

We also have some very sweet, kind and generous friends who said we could steal this little IKEA dresser that was sitting in their basement.  Awesome!  We use it as a nightstand/dresser and it's perfect.  It houses Quinn's undies, socks and jammies. :)
I gave it a little makeover with leftover grey paint from the room, leftover white spray paint, and a piece of lace.  Total Cost:  $2 (for the piece of lace)

Oh, the waterfall of hearts...
I love many things about this room, but this is one of my favorites.  It's so simple and dreamy.  It's perfect above her white headboard.
The details on this:
- pieces of scrapbook paper
- fishing line
- a branch
- hot glue
- a few nails to hang
All together this cost a Total of $5!  Doesn't it look like it should be worth so much more?

1.  Gallery Wall - This includes:  Chevron Flower Art (which has been repinned on Pinterest more
          than 10,000 times now), 2 Q initial art pieces, a turquoise mirror, an aqua flower, 5 frames with
             pictures in them, one frame with a "you are my sunshine quote", one frame with a map
             highlighting all of the states Quinn has traveled to (11 states), one frame with the alphabet,
             and a wood décor quote "so many of my smiles begin with you".  I think that covers it! :) 
             Approximate total cost: $36
2.  Dress-up bin - made by daddy for Christmas.  Total Cost:  $7
3.  Dollhouse - made by mommy and daddy for her 2nd birthday.
4.  Chevron curtains by Grandma D.
5.  Bookshelves - IKEA spice racks painted white and hung on the wall.  Total Cost:  $13
6.  Newborn Picture of Quinn - one of my favorites. :)

Quinn LOVES her new big girl room!

Total Cost: $122


  1. So funny! I made that same heart waterfall thing for Adelaide's room. And I made it small just for above her dresser. When I finished it I was so mad I didn't make it bigger because it's dang near the cutest thing ever. Maybe someday I will re-do it. I love Quinn's with the branch. Super cute room. Congrats Quinn! She has a big room, is that a full size bed? My kids have fulls, but dang they take up so much of the room.

  2. I love the heart waterfall decoration! Can you share how you made it. :-)


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